aufräumen & abschließen

  • Text by Jule Claudia Mahn
    in German.
  • Woodcut, photopolymer plates, letterpress print on handmade paper.
  • Half vellum binding. Case.
  • 33 × 22 cm. 38 pages.
  • Edition of 14 copies.
  • Leipzig/Röderhof, 2012.

Award »Ereignis Druckgraphik 5 > Zeitgenössische Intentionen in der Druckgraphik« 2013.

A landlady is preparing to leave her restaurant for good.
As she walks through the garden and the rooms for one last time,
her attention is drawn to the familiar sounds and scents making
her reminiscent about the past. Finally a place unveils itself that has
long been forgotten about.
I discover the unoccupied restaurant »Gambrinus« many years
later and for three months it will captivate me. During the early hours
of the day I observe the sunlit rooms; beneath the cob webs and
plants growing inside the rooms, I discover traces of what was once
a place of social gatherings and work—a place for people to
retreat. I start collecting the objects that I find and which tell this