• Texts by various authors
    in German.
  • Woodcut, photopolymer plates, handset and printed letterpress on handmade paper.
  • Boards. Slipcase.
  • 35 × 26 cm. 38 pages.
  • Edition of 18 copies.
  • Halle, 2006.

Life is full of dreams and visions, which are either fulfilled or given up on.
Ones own ability to adapt and make new plans creates an abundant repertoire when dealing with dreams. Sometimes those dreams which come true pose more of a challenge than those which are not fulfilled.
Six people of varying ages describe defining moments in their lives which led
to dreams becoming less important, whether they were fulfilled or not.
Writing these thoughts down means dealing with them more thorughly than
an oral reflection would permit because each individual is forced to dwell upon his or her actions and the awaresness that decisions are always made in accordance to the particular moment in time. The personal attitude is reflected upon within the context of the conditions of a past time.