Ich bin ein Zuschauer

  • Text by Jule Claudia Mahn
    in German.
  • Woodcut, photopolymer plates, letterpress print on Alster-Werkdruck paper.
  • Half vellum binding. Sipcase.
  • 44 × 28 cm. 25 pages.
  • Edition of 16 copies.
  • Halle, 2004.

. . . sold out

For one week I am responsible for my parent’s home and garden. I look
after the plants and the dog, I do familiar tasks and still I feel I have
become a stranger to this place. How much unfamiliarity does my perception
of home allow, I ask myself, knowing that I take all changes in myself
as granted. I begin to understand that these cracks in my recognition reflect
the passing of time and will trigger memories. The rediscovery of thoughts
nearly lost makes me doubt that home can be a place of the present.
— — —
»I am a beholder. If I return to this place,
I am not surprised not to be recognized.«