grau eingefroren

  • Text by Jule Claudia Mahn
    in German.
  • Woodcut, photopolymer plates, letterpress print on Alster-Werkdruck paper.
  • Boards. Case.
  • 40,5 × 44 cm. 30 pages.
  • Edition of 18 copies.
  • Riga/Halle, 2005.

Liene Uhlande from Latvia tells me about her life: of the everyday life in
Soviet Riga, the gray people and the colors of the landscape on the Kurzeme
peninsula. Pictures take shape, of places and people that reflect a mood rather
than an actual event. Not just that which is spoken out loud but also the
silence convey the discrepency of her story and the history of her country.
— — —
»Some days are overcast, when the morning is like
the evening and it does not grow brighter in between.
There is no light and only gradually do familiar
surroundings take shape amongst washed-out colours.«