Nord Nord Ost

  • Text by Jule Claudia Mahn in German.
  • Photographs. K3-pigment print on Lessebo Design Smooth paper.
  • Box with four books and two etuis. Leporello binding.
  • 21-page Leporello. 11 × 15 cm. Opened: 106 × 15 cm.
    Etui with 10 photos. 7,5 × 11 cm.
  • Edition of 6 copies.
  • Leipzig, 2009.

Man’s relationship to the sea. For some it is a natural element of a habitat, a hope for economical existence, for others it is a counterpart to everyday life. The sea as a promise of relaxation, maybe it is a childhood memory.

Taking the form of small souvenirs that could have been created everywhere at a holiday destination and that serve as memories I take a look at coastal places in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Because of the economic value they promise due to their location, these places have been restructured and laid out to cope with the rising numbers of tourists and do meet the demands of those looking for recreation. This alteration is caused by rejuvenation as well as loss, both have an effect on each other, this is hardly recognized any longer.