We won´t be coming back

  • Text by Jule Claudia Mahn in English.
  • Translation by John Brogden.
  • Letterpress printed on various papers using photopolymer plates and linocuts. Foil embossing on Extract flint black paper.
  • Swiss brochure binding. Housed in a paper-covered case.
  • 36,5 × 18,5 cm with 76 pages and seven fold-out pages with varying sizes.
  • Edition of 20 copies.
  • Leipzig, 2019.

Insight into the book // A film by Datz Museum of Art

One knows this: Somewhere waiting for something, one is suddenly a silent observer of irritating street scenes in which people behave strangely, trying to hide something obviously or being treated enigmatically by their counterpart. A mind game: How does our view change when we get a glimpse into what happened before or after? The paths lead in different directions through dark terrain. Following the light, the reader enters the hideaways of four women. Gradually their stories unfold. Where external circumstances have long begun to threaten these women and force them to change, everyday actions and rituals restore their security and dignity. To what extent their destinies are interwoven and what time they actually live is part of the mind game. There is no resolution, only possible assignments.

At any time, people have become accustomed to the loss of freedom and security, and have set their lives in it.