I am here

  • Text by Jule Claudia Mahn.
  • Translation into English by Bradley Schmidt.
  • Embossed with foil as well as printed letterpress using photopolymer plates and linocuts on Hahnemühle rag paper.
  • Foldable double book with Swiss brochure binding. Housed in a folding slipcase.
  • 31,5 × 16,5 cm with 88 pages.
  • Edition of 20 copies in German and XX copies in English.
  • Leipzig, 2024.

Adam kisses his grandmother on the forehead to say goodbye. »I’ll get my driver’s license in three months. Next time I’ll come by moped. Say hi to Grandpa.« He has to think about this when he returns to his grandparents’ small new-build apartment after twelve years. In between lies the fall of the Berlin Wall, a phone call from Grandpa and growing up. But how can life be successful when there is still an inner division?

Two inextricably linked books tell two lives. Or — two books tell two perspectives of one life. Each book can be read separately. But the view of things and their evaluation changes when leafing through and reading them in parallel. The viewer meanders between the worlds, separated by a wide gray strip — a wall, a road, the unresolvable in-between.